Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Meaning? We don't need no stinkin' meaning!

Paintings don't exist. They just get made out of my actions. With each mark I put on the canvas the meaning begins to create itself. Any preconceived idea I had interm's of subject matter or meaning in the painting is lost by the effect of whatever my marks create. I'm constantly losing or gaining the intended meaning or feel of the painting as I paint it. "Damn, I lost it again." With the "wrong" brush stroke the feeling or mood of it is gone, but another emerges. That's the great thing about it, I love finding another mood or feel that I did not anticipate. The painting then takes on its own existence, its own identity. I still have to make sure it meets my sensibilities, but quite frankly it's not my creation. There is no way for me to anticipate the out come of my paints, at least using the method I use to paint.


- j


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