Thursday, March 09, 2006

Been a long time

Two Falls, 2006 (18" x 24")

As usual, I have put off coming up here for a while. I have felt overwhelmed with the preparation of the show for the past week or so, and the last thing I've wanted to do is write about it.
But here I am and the show is in two weeks. I am very excited about it, though my family and co-workers might think different. I am weighing on those around me but I do trurly feel good about the upcoming proverbial "heart on my sleeve".
My painting is coming along, and isn't that the whole point here. To add my statement to the human condition, show people what I'm thinking. I hope someone not in my immediate life will have some positive impression from the exhibition. I get good feed back from the people around me, but it feels good to get an outside response.
Two large painting will be completed for the show. One is already very enjoyable to me and I hope it turns out well. Big bold shapes and color depicting a double waterfall flowing around a rock that I'm imparting a blob like personality. Above is "Two Falls", a sneak preview for the blog folks.

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