Monday, January 30, 2006

Red Wash

The wash (Acrylic Gloss Medium and pigment) of red that I coat over the parts that recede is so important to the cohesiveness of the painting. It adds depth to the parts of the painting where need it. Also changing the effect of the color it covers. Highlights of new colors emerge from where the wash hits areas which change because of the wash color. If Red is used in the wash, a white area will turn pink, but that is just a simple example of the color variation that can occur. My experience is that colors you never dreamed of emerge from different spots on the canvas.
Along with this the washes create a luminosity on the paint surface which is very please, mimicking the use of varnish in oils.

- j

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Brush to Canvas

~ Survival

You know what? The "people" got in my head again! It took me away 20 years ago, but it won't take me away again. I get to the canvas, and that invisible moment between blank space and contact with brush, the moment of hesitation, when countless visions and captions of other peoples snicker's and comments invade my thought and give me doubt. Doubt that can be so devastating as to pull me away from the canvas and miss a moment, a moment that isn't easy to create.
I though I would have been passed this, I though I had built the skills to overcome this malady. Please painting god, give me the strength to carry on, the serenity to not be disposed from the comfort of my creative thought, and for God sake the wisdom to make a good painting.


- j

8 Weeks

~ Memories Sweet

So it is eight weeks as I have been told till my show. If it weren't for support I don't know what I would do.

Flowing waterfalls is the story of the day, the renewal and "flush" of life which I am desperately trying to keep up with. To keep the flowing texture up with the brush strokes is my intention right now. Stark white waters streaking down off the edge. Lots of white paint, thick applications.
Its hard to keep up my creative flow, working as a graphic artist during the day. I thought that drawing maps would leave a reservoir of creativity in my brain at the end of the day. Menial tasks of drawing lines and filling shapes, but no, exhausted I have been. I must keep going.

- j

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Show Content and Title

~ My Golden Arch

I'm working on the title for the show. Content will vary from my heart paintings, Blobs with trees, new waterfall paintings, to older stuff that hasn't shown.

Though unliked in some circles, I am including my heart painting 'cause they are so much a part of me. What else can you show if it's not your heart on your sleeve.

I have found a rebirth in my waterfall series, the flushing of renewal. Wash out the old and bring in the new. Also a sense of sancuary. Waterfalls are always a unique place in the mist of the forest or juting out on the side of a mountain. I feel that is the place I find myself now, changing and renewing. but it is also a place I need to be, a place of sancuary and seclusion.

Please visit if you haven't already.

- j

Show is a comin'

I will be having a one man show this March 24, 2006 @ Ashawag Hall in Springs, East Hampton New York. All are invited and I will attempt to keep up with this blogg and give updated information.

Love On!

- j